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Missjngo 3 days ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

So savory and good! I love this item with the spicy sauce on the side. It really has so much flavor.

Lkaimi 10 days ago

Bacon Brussel Sprouts

This dish is a must to order. If you're a person who doesn't eat brussel sprouts this dish will change you in alover of this vegetable.

Star8992 12 days ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

My family always has a great time at Vox Kitchen, thanks to the excellent service and fabulous food! Fusion dishes can be hit or miss, but the saltado shaken fries are consistently good and a must-order!

Catkim109 15 days ago

Vox Pear Salad

We always get the Vox Pear Salad every time we come! It's amazing and the best balance of pear, creamy burrata, nuts, and greens. So good.

Portuguese 22 days ago

House Garlic Noodle

Was in town for a work conference (we're from Hawaii) saw the reviews on yelp and thought we'd give it a try... had the ribeye with garlic noodles... OMG....BOMB!!!!!!! Can't wait to go back!!!

Timtruong722 23 days ago

Garlic Chicken Wings

Great new age way of making garlic wings. Perfect blend of garlic and seasoning and so crispy. Highly recommended starter

Blazjavier 26 days ago

Vox Pear Salad

Vox Pear Salad is one of my favorites in the menu. The parking of flavors are amazing with crunchy roasted nuts and savory burrata and the sweetness of the pear It hits the savory, sweet, and a hint of sour. It's quite addicting and it's a must to get each time I dine at Vox.

Tiffers about 1 month ago

House Garlic Noodle

A must every time with the steak! Everything on the menu is superb and the service is excellent! Top 3 favorite restaurants of all time.

Imalaurenle about 1 month ago

House Garlic Noodle

the garlic noodles were absolutely scrumptious. the garlic butter melted in my mouth and the meat, wow so juicy mmm it was a 10/10 and would go again. :)

Tambunan about 1 month ago

Bone-in Short Rib Soup (Galbitang)

Best short rib I've ever had in my life!!!! This place is highly recommended.

Schwe18 about 2 months ago

Garlic Chicken Wings

I mean this with the utmost sincerity, this might be the best chicken I have ever eaten. With chicken fried to give the skin an immaculate, crispy skin, and an insanely flavorful garlic touch, I am going to order this every single time I come back to Vox!

Mrod221814 about 2 months ago

Bone-in Short Rib Soup (Galbitang)

I don't think I can find the words to accurately describe the deliciousness that is this soup. Everything about it, the mixture of flavors, the short ribs that fall off the bone, the tenderness of the noodles, it's all absolute perfection. What an amazing dish and what an amazing restaurant, I highly recommend it.

12awlai about 2 months ago

Prime Rib-Eye Steak (30 Oz.)

easily the best steak I've ever had at a restaurant. so juicy and so much flavor. melts in your mouth and the sauces/sides pair so well too

Kylephulienpham about 2 months ago

House Garlic Noodle

Everytime I come here, I usually get the garlic noodles and rib rye steak. Wows drools! I think its just perfect both the noodles and the steak. Also the customer service here is well organized. Highly recommend this place. Can't wait to go back!

Julie about 2 months ago

Vox Pear Salad

ALWAYS get this salad when I dine here. A must!! It's OVER THE TOP amazing! Fresh, crisp and full of flavor. The arugula is a refreshing alternative to lettuce and brings amazing flavor and uniqueness to this salad. The nuts are always fresh, crunchy and sweet and the pears complete the amazing taste and bring a burst to your saliva glands with every bite! I can't say enough about the balsamic vinaigrette dressing that is nothing short of perfection.

Mirandalam123 2 months ago

Vox Pear Salad

Honestly, their Vox Pear Salad was a very pleasant surprise. Their dressing - fig balsamic balances perfectly with their salad. There's also pears to supplement a further healthy, juicy crunch along with the roasted nuts. All in all, a very delicious and balanced salad

Tchao14 2 months ago

Sate Mushroom Clam Soup (Spicy)

This dish was very hot and tasty! It was mild spicy. Came with lots of clams.

Ryefroggy 3 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

I have eaten almost everything on the menu, and it is all delicious. The service and atmosphere are also great. Vox is one of my favorite restaurants.

Evelynluu2 3 months ago

House Garlic Noodle

Definitely delicious especially with the grilled prawns! There's a lot of noodle, and they don't skimp on the garlic. The prawns are also cooked just right and very juicy.

Daviddtran25 9 days ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

This was honestly the best thing i've ever eaten in my life. if you come here you have to order this.

Phillip 10 days ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

Absolutely LOVE the Vox Kitchen! It's one of those restaurants that no matter when, if someone suggests it I NEVER turn it down!! My favorite dish is the Saltado Shaken Fries with Steak. To add to that, the service is always superb!! It's always a pleasant experience at the Vox Kitchen; definitely a must-have if you're in the Orange County area!!

Rebecca 15 days ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

Delicious unique food with friendly service. Garlic chicken wings and the Saltado was excellent. We also enjoyed the spicy noodles with wontons. We wish we had this restaurant in the Bay Area.

Tarynwuzhere 18 days ago

House Garlic Noodle

The garlic noodles were absolutely amazing. I have no idea what their sauce is made of but I seriously can't get enough of it.

Amchoang 23 days ago

House Garlic Noodle

I absolutely love Vox Kitchen! The garlic noodles and the steak are bomb and my family loves to order takeout from here to avoid the lines. The quality is on point every, single, time. It satisfies all members of my family because the perfect balance of traditional and fusion ingredients and I can't thank the Vox team enough for their consistently wonderful service and food!

Grace 25 days ago

House Garlic Noodle

I love to come to Vox Kitchen with my family at least twice a month or whenever a friend from out of town visits, Vox Kitchen is a MUST. You can never go wrong with the House Garlic Noodles which I like to order with the Ribeye Steak or Grilled Prawns. Both of these protein options are extremely flavorful and delicious. I especially recommend the green sauce that is served with the steak. Be careful though because this sauce can be spicy!! I've been a loyal customer at Vox Kitchen ever since their opening and I have tried everything on their menu. I love to see the changes and growth in their restaurant. I also highly recommend their truffle fries which can be a great appetizer! I usually enjoy thinly cut fries and Vox Kitchen does those perfectly. My go to spot for delicious, quality, affordable meals. My family loves it too. Everyone who I've taken to Vox Kitchen has been coming back because they can't get enough! My family usually orders an order of the garlic noodles with steak, garlic noodles with prawns, vox pear salad, truffle fries, bacon brussel sprouts, garlic chicken wings, and bone in broth soup.

Okramire 27 days ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

Amazing flavor. The filet mignon was cooked perfectly, tender and juicy. The side sauce (green) was the perfect amount of spicy. I would like to have more juice on the plate for the fries to soak up, more like traditional lomo saltado. Service was great!!

Nhinhanh1 about 1 month ago

House Garlic Noodle

This is the best, my family like it a lot specially my 2 little sons they are under 4 years old love it much

Julie about 1 month ago

Bacon Brussel Sprouts

Can't come here EVERY day, but I would if I could... I'm totally a Brussel sprouts fan and I have to say... THESE WERE THE BEST I'VE EVER HAD!!! At one point, I had to literally close my eyes out of sheer enjoyment!! They were crisp, but not too crispy, they were over the top flavorful and cooked to perfection. The sauce and seasonings were AMAZING and complimented them so that any NON-Brussel sprout fan would extremely enjoy!

Felix about 2 months ago

Prime Rib-Eye Steak (30 Oz.)

I was skeptical about my friend saying how good this steak was. I'm sure it was good was couldn't be THAT good. So I finally tried it and man, was it freakin good. Inspired me to go cook steak myself again

Jennyfang415 about 2 months ago

House Garlic Noodle

The garlic noodles are perfect: flavorful but not too garlicky. The ribeye was perfectly medium rare and very tender. I also got the truffle fries, which I highly recommend!

Cknguyen11 about 2 months ago

House Garlic Noodle

The garlic noodles were perfect with just the right amount of garlic. They were a tad creamy from the Parmesan and the steak was cooked perfectly medium rare. 10/10 would recommend .

Janee1299 about 2 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

This dish is amazing! The side sauce brings this dish to life... but it is still good without it as well! I get the filet mignon. Everything is seasoned nicely and it is very delicious. Nothing is too salty or under-seasoned! Highly recommend, I get this every time I go to Vox.

Ashleyyyyyle about 2 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

The Saltado Shaken Fries here are one of their best menu items! I love the balance between having protein, fries, tomatoes, onions etc... They have really attentive customer service and the vibe of the restaurant in general is really nice. Wait time might be long so always check in on Yelp if you can!

Candicemesina 2 months ago

House Garlic Noodle

Ordered this with rib eye.....4 words.. I CAN DIE NOW!!! Excellent flavor, firm consistency not too garlicky at all. They have the right ratio of meat and noodles...but I would still order extra noodles, just because. Lychee lemonade is so refreshing. I would drive from Santa Clarita to Fullerton just for this place.

Mstngallie 2 months ago

Prime Rib-Eye Steak (30 Oz.)

Seriously the BEST rib-eye in OC! The way they season it as it's sliced really makes it shine AND it's always cooked perfectly to boot! No, it's not cheap but it is worth EVERY penny, and on par with what any restaurant will charge you for PRIME rib-eye. Hint - be sure to ask for extra sauce. Once you taste it you'll know why. ;)

Duong 3 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

The Lomo Saltado is amazing here,cooked to perfection with a merriment of flavor which pretty much steals the show. There is not one dish that I have that was anything short of amazing, but of you must know what I have had the honor of trying, I have listed it below. Garlic Noodles with Prawns- so good! The sauce that goes with it is perfecto! 👌 Pear arugula Salad with walnuts - so refreshing and tasty Chicken Wings - A-mazing! Elote - fell a little short of flavor for me Spicy wontons - so good and love the radish garnishment Ribeye - melts in your mouth

Juyoungoh98 3 months ago

Bacon Brussel Sprouts

Very well balanced. You'd expect the bacon to overpower the brussel sprouts by the look of it at first, but you get that nice texture of the brussel sprouts mixed with a slight crunch from the bacon. Excellent!


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