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Nguyen about 5 hours ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

Definitely my go to comfort meal. The service and experience is amazing!! I also love the chicken wings and lychee lemonade 😋😋

Isabelle 3 days ago

Prime Rib-Eye Steak (30 Oz.)

I DREAM ABOUT THIS JUICY STEAK. When I'm having a bad day, I want to treat myself to this steak; when I'm having a great day, I want to celebrate with this steak!! It's my all-time favorite thing here and quite possibly in the world!! It's perfectly cooked every single time I get it and I'm absolutely in loooOoOve with the seasoning--I always ask for extra!! I love pairing it with garlic noodles and Brussel sprouts (my second favorite thing here). It's so good I wanted to have it as my birthday dinner (although will have to postpone this until post-pandemic). Anyway, I think it's worth every single penny and I'll be patiently waiting until I can eat this again!! :D

Ctjandra 7 days ago

Prime Rib-Eye Steak (30 Oz.)

They have so many good dishes here, but I gotta say my favorite is their Prime Rib-Eye Steak. The steak is always cooked perfectly. It's so juicy and seasoned very well. Comes with some extra seasoning salts, but you don't really need it. The mushroom side is the way to go. SO DELICIOUS. I want to eat it now just writing this review.

Derricktolle 11 days ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

Perfect in every sense of the word! Spicy sauce, crispy fries, and tender juicy meat!

Jfleishon 12 days ago

House Garlic Noodle

This dish is what dreams are made of. It is absolutely stunning. How often are noodles the highlight of the dish? These are so incredibly tasty and perfect. The texture is great too. The steak it comes with is incredible. Is it slightly salty and always cooked to perfection. I want to eat this all the time!

Toliveanddineinoc 13 days ago

House Garlic Noodle

Best House Garlic Noodles W/ Rib-Eye Steak I've Ever Had! The garlic Noodle is not overly garlic or under flavored. The steak is always cook to perfection every single time I've been here. Took multiple co-workers here and they all love it as well! Highly recommend stopping by here when you visit Orange County!

Ninhhuu2004 16 days ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

Was very tasty. Definitely will be back for it.

Mariatruong94 about 1 month ago

House Garlic Noodle

The House Garlic Noodles were one of the many dishes that my group and I tried. We added the steak on top and it did not disappoint. The flavors of the noodles did not overpower the steak and vice versa. The steak was so tender and perfectly seasoned. I would definitely come back just for the garlic noodles.

Anne4182001 about 1 month ago

Vox Pear Salad

This light, fun salad features fresh, house-made burrata cheese that is truly to kill for. The salad is pretty simple; arugula, slices of juicy Korean pear, burrata, and candied walnuts. But everything works perfectly together and you can't stop eating it. The portion is also huge so it's perfect to share or to have as a meal. The salad is also dressed with balsamic and a champagne vinaigrette. The salad is truly a hidden gem on the menu and is a great vegetarian option!

Nguyen852 about 1 month ago

Vox Pear Salad

I love salads but this is by far my favorite. Every time I come to vox, I have to order it or I'll be very hangry lol. the pear and nuts gives the salad a nice crunch. The dressing is not too sweet or salty. The arugula gives the salad a nice kick. This is a must have!

Chung about 1 month ago

Vox Pear Salad

This dish has had my heart from the moment I first ate at this restaurant. The perfect balance of balsamic glaze drizzled over fresh arugula surround hidden gems of burrata cheese and korean pear. This dish is the gift that keeps on giving. once in awhile, I'll add a side of protein, but you don't have to hinder this dish whatsoever. This plate is one of those if I had one last meal before I died type of dish. Thank you for your creation!

Feelingblue288 about 1 month ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

love their take on the classic Peruvian dish lomo saltado! the fries are crunch and the green sauce is delicious with a wonderful kick to it.

Jedaices about 2 months ago

House Garlic Noodle

This, with the rib-eye steak, was amazing! It was all perfectly cooked!

Momatwork92612 about 2 months ago

Vox Pear Salad

Loved this because it was so fresh.

Tanya about 2 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

I love the fusion, flavors and colors. It is high quality ingredients and outstanding service!!!

Lilyyuna 2 months ago

Prime Rib-Eye Steak (30 Oz.)

The prime rib was amazing! Cooked perfectly with great seasoning. Delicious!

Nhiphaann 2 months ago

Garlic Chicken Wings

The Garlic Chicken Wings at The Vox Kitchen is the best chicken wings I have ever tried. It is not too salty or plan, Also, they give you a very tasty sauce to eat with.

Jaliu9 2 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

This has been one of my family's favorite restaurants since they opened. This trip was for a birthday celebration and while they did not have a reservation for our party of six, we were seated after a 20 minute wait. All the meals came in a timely fashion, except mine, which didnt arrive until after we asked about it. Everyone in my group finished eating before mine came. Lomo saltado is their signature dish snd I can only think they forgot my order. That said, the food was as good as ever, including the pear salad, which I always order.

Tammyjnelson1 3 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

I would recommend the Vox Kitchen to anyone looking for excellent food and service. The steak was perfectly cooked and the garlic noodle and steak fries incredible. I couldn't stop eating. I would give the Vox Kitchen a 10 out of 10. This is my new Favorite Restaurant. This is a place for everyone

Samanthaxcheng 3 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

Make sure to use Yelp waitlist before you arrive at the restaurant because lines get crazy! For two people, we ordered the bacon Brussels sprouts, garlic chicken wings, house garlic noodles with grilled prawns, and their lomo saltado with ribeye. The Brussels sprouts were really tasty, especially with that egg on top. The garlic wings came out piping out! It was crispy and garlicky, insanely good. My friend absolutely loved the garlic noodles! He said it's some of the best he's had and he LOVES garlic noodles. I thought it was really tasty too, but my favorite was the lomo saltado. The fries were crispy, the rib-eye was a bit tougher than I would have liked it, but overall the dish was very good. We ended up not finishing, but I took the leftovers home and they were still so good the next day. If it's your birthday, they bring out a giant sparkly candle for you! I would come just for that.

Timtruong722 about 9 hours ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

Amazing! Perfectly crisped and salted. Plus its half off to go right now!

Vincent 5 days ago

House Garlic Noodle

I have had Vox about 4 times and I still remember my first visit trying out the Prime Rib-Eye! We got it medium and even though I usually get medium-rare, this giant steak was still crazy juicy! It came with a side of Brussel Sprouts which were a good complement. This steak is the reason I keep returning to Vox again and again even though I haven't re-ordered it yet. I am definitely coming for that yummy steak on my birthday. My usual order is their House Special Garlic Noodles which comes topped with steak, but it's sadly not the same juicy prime rib-eye. Still tasty, but it's hard to go back once you taste the best. Lomo Saltado Shaken Fries are also a great entree if you aren't feeling the Garlic Noodles. 5/5 for flavortown, always order a Lychee Lemonade to go with your meal.

Troynajera 10 days ago

Garlic Chicken Wings

The ribeye steak was delicious and such a good value. Not many places can you get so much steak paired with noodles to die for at such a low price.

Patrishamoua 11 days ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

My favorite dish at this restaurant. The fries are so well seasoned and the meat is always so tender. If you also love garlic noodles, substitute your rice for some! Never disappointed when dining here!

Fafi 12 days ago

House Garlic Noodle

The Garlic noodles with steak is so good! The noodles are satisfying yet not overly heavy. The perfect amount of garlic and the sauce, THE SAUCE whatever it is its so good. The steak deserves its own review in my opinion. So tender and juicy and worth the money. I also love how it is pre sliced as well

Ninjajojo9 14 days ago

House Garlic Noodle

The first time that I came here, I had the House Garlic Noodles with the steak. And wow, it was amazing. It's been two years since I last came here and I still remember the taste of how good the Garlic Noodles were. We had a couple of other sides that were tasty as well. While the food was amazing, the customer service was even better. They treated us very well and was very engaged with us, making sure that everything was okay. Hoping to come here again soon. (:

Changolocs714 about 1 month ago

Garlic Chicken Wings

I was so hungry and they were so good I ordered twice don't judge me

J6485shady about 1 month ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

finally... i got a chance to eat here. You don't know how long i've been waiting to give this place a try. Either the wait time is outrageous or we just weren't in the mood to go out. I guess when we went, the corona virus was still scaring people from going out. lol we didn't get any appetizers, and just headed straight for the main entree. I ended up getting the lomo saltado shaken fries. I got it with filet mignon... but you're also able to get it with rib-eye steak or beef tongue for an extra up charge. I also got an egg added on top. Here's the kicker, instead of rice, you can ask them for garlic noodles and i highly suggest doing that. I believe after all the up grades, it came out to around 23 bucks or so? I know its kinda pricey for a dish, but it was really flavorful and filling. The dish comes with steak fries, red onion, tomatoes, aji sauce & rice pilaf or garlic noodles (extra charge). The aji sauce works so well with this dish, i asked them for two. The garlic noodles is like crack, super good and addicting. There's outdoor and indoor seating. The outdoor seating is inside a cover, so even if its raining, you won't get set. Like Arnold always says, I'll be back.

Imaginebreaker10000 about 1 month ago

House Garlic Noodle

When I first heard about this place, I was ecstatic to give this place a try! I really love Asian food and seeing as how it's so close to him i couldn't resist, the atmosphere inside the restaurant is amazing, and you can already tell immediately that the entire staff cares about their work. I got seated fairly quickly, even though there was a big wait outside which was surprising! The staff were nice, they took my order quickly, and was given a free lemonade. Their house garlic noodles are really delicious and i highly recommend getting them with either the Rib-eye steak or the salmon, the steak is a nice medium rare(same with the salmon) and packed with flavor! The garlic noodles weren't too chewy, they had a perfect texture to them and the flavoring on them was not overpowering at all. Overall i'd give the food a good 9.5/10 and I won't stop coming back!

Mscutiemeeow about 1 month ago

Vox Pear Salad

omll, this salad is next freaking level!! the sweetness of the fresh cold thinly sliced pairs to the delicious fresh greens (,: the cheese is light and fluffy and goes super well with everything (: the walnuts are so so so good too omg! please get this salad but beware once you get it it's so addicting

Desirayle about 1 month ago

House Garlic Noodle

The House Garlic Noodle can be paired with salmon, ribeye steak, or filet mignon. It has a deliciously comforting flavor that is compact with garlic and seasoning. Not only is the ribeye steak the perfect degree of medium rare, but the sauce that goes along with the dish sparks immense joy. All components of the dish are beautifully put together to make the most out of the freshest ingredients and talented chefs!

M about 2 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

The shaken fries definitely deserve the house special title! It was plated beautifully and tasted even better. The meat definitely was marinated to perfection and the fries were seasoned to complement the green sauce. Definitely recommend !

Pickledcucumberboy about 2 months ago

House Garlic Noodle

Ver good~ papa like garlic. Seasond perfect will be back

Momatwork92612 about 2 months ago

Crab Congee

I loved this congee. It was excellent in taste (didn't have to add salt) and the crab was plenty and didn't taste 'fishy' which is important to me. It was plenty to eat for a person and 1/2. I also tried the bone-in short rib soup and the spicy wonton. All was very tasty. I'll definitely come back and try other dishes. The staff was courteous and fast.

Fitrianihays about 2 months ago

House Garlic Noodle

With big shrimps was bomb 🤗😋 extra chili 🌶 sauce make it tasted more better 👍🏻

Johnhauver 2 months ago

Prime Rib-Eye Steak (30 Oz.)

Most delicious substance I have ever had the joy of placing onto my pallet. Cooked perfectly and combod with the garlic noodles to go with it there is not a single other dish any wear else in this state I prefer over this.

Jrdelrosso 2 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

That was the best Saltado I've had Excellent Flavor!

Phucadamnguyen 3 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

Saltado is actually so bomb! Who would have thought this asian fusion dish got my body and tongue all "shaken." The meat was perfectly seasoned and soft. The sauce really made the dish complete. Highly recommended

D714nice 3 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

"Saltado" plate with filet mignon is fire! Filet mignon is grilled to perfection & is so tender it cuts just like butter. Fries are cooked just right..nice n crisp on outside; hot & fluffy soft on the inside. Grilled onions & tomatoesi ncluded in dish pair well for fresh flavor. Don't forget aji verde(Peruvian cultures version of salsa); I personally prefer spicy, it's a must for me, like salt is for some, with any Peruvian dish.

Minnysung 3 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

I've eaten a lot of lomo saltado in my life and this ranks as the best I've ever had. First the highlight - ribeye, perfectly marinated and cooked it just melts in your mouth after a few bites and does not lack any flavor on its own. The potatoes are also cooked to perfection, its crispy yet has bit of a chew to it, its a hard to describe feeling, but its incredibly delicious. The onions and tomatoes of course do their job perfectly balancing out the dish. The dish itself is heavy so I suggest getting one of their lemonades to pair. The least impressive part of the meal was the rice pilaf, which was tasty but was a bit soggier than what I usually like. Over all, this dish was EXCELLENT and other things I've had here were excellent as well.


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