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Iaskenaze 3 days ago

Prime Rib-Eye Steak (30 Oz.)

The steak was cooked perfectly, seasoned simply with salt and pepper, and extremely flavorful. When eaten this Prime Rib-eye steak delivers flavour, tenderness and juiciness in a combination equalled by none other. Amazing

Pillowd 5 days ago

Garlic Chicken Wings

I order these every time I go to the Vox. This chicken is perfect and has delicious flavor. There is not a single flaw in this recipe!

En 9 days ago

Spicy Noodle

These noodles are just right! The flavor is so good and the spice level is perfect (I love spicy). I wish the portions were just a bit larger for the price.

Manny 12 days ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

First time I've eaten this dish was during spring break of 2019 with me and brother over on a warm friday in April. The meal is expectional and everytime I come over here it's always a recommended meal to both friends and family. The nicely cooked Filet, rice, and veggies on the side with the added house special sauce tops off the meal all the time. I recommend to all my friends and family about Vox Kitchen and my favorite dish to all.

Gometiffany 14 days ago

Vox Pear Salad

I GET THIS EVERY TIME!!! This is one of the most tasty & refreshing salads I've ever eaten! Arugula already has a unique & nutty flavor - but the combination of it with the SWEET & CRUNCHY NUTS, LIGHT & FRESH CHEESE, ANDDD CRISPY ASIAN PEAR SLICES, just makes this salad a SALAD TO DIE FOR. (I don't even like vinaigrette, but it's not so horrible when eaten with this salad lol)

Caldrumr1234 about 1 month ago

House Garlic Noodle

Garlic noodles are a favorite of mine, but one that is hard to get right. Vox kitchen knocked it out of the park. These rank among the best garlic noodles I have ever had - savory, delicious, with the perfect texture and a great garlic flavor that stands out against meat. Awesome.

Alex about 1 month ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

Incredible!! The beef is so juicy and tender. This is the only dish I'll eat with soggy french fries. They get coated in the shaken beef sauce and eat like carne asada fries. Perfect for that quarantine "I need to fill the void of sadness through my stomach" hunger.

Rudy about 1 month ago

House Garlic Noodle

Amazing noodles I cant get enough of this amazing place!!

Rrosemary36 about 2 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

This is a very delicious plate! It reminds me of the Peruvian food I love so much! Everyone I have taken has loved it. Can't wait to go back again to eat the delicious food!

Bamexia about 2 months ago

Spicy Noodle

Food was over the top! My daughter brought it home quite a few months ago and I've been asking her to bring it home again! Really delicious!

Hashimesq about 2 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

Wow! Talk about savory! This dish is a nice twist on a classic. The meat is savory, the fries are seasoned perfectly without being overly salted , and the rice with egg sets it over the top. Be prepared.... your tastes buds will be spoiled!

Princesszee7 about 2 months ago

Bacon Brussel Sprouts

Love the prawns & garlic noodles & Brussel sprouts. Staff is friendly & service is timely.

Trandent00 about 2 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

Such an amazing dish! I mean who doesn't love fries and steak together? I got the ribeye option and it was the most tender and flavorful steak. The fries were golden and crispy. That aji sauce has a potent kick to it too so use it judiciously.

Ashleytran357 about 2 months ago

House Garlic Noodle

I love the garlic noodles here! I usually get it with ribeye steak or prawns. The green sauce is a perfect pair with the steak, I usually ask for extra!

Tsongranis about 2 months ago

Elote (off the cob)

some of the best Elote I've had!

Short 2 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

At first, I see that photos that are taken by the owners use filter to make the food look delicious. This doesn't only look good, it is a party in your mouth! It is full of flavor starting from the perfectly cooked filet mignon to the soaked fries perfectly seasoned and still remains a bit crisp on the outside. When eaten together, it is the perfect combo!

Jvatran21 2 months ago

House Garlic Noodle

This restaurant makes the best garlic noodles...regardless of any protein you choose, the flavor profile is phenomenal. My personal favorite is the ribeye steak. Don't forget to pair it with the green sauce for a kick!

Chekomartinez23 2 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

The fries were nice and crispy they didn't feel heavy and they were nicely seasoned

Lexy 2 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

Omg this is the best Saltado I have ever eaten. The meat was cooked perfectly. The egg was a great touch and the sauce really just ties everything together. The customer service is amazing. To be honest anything you get from here is really good. I have almost tried every thing on the menu. I'm seriously obsessed.

Thaiverson 2 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

The last time I ordered here, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they offered beef tongue as a meat option. I ordered that with the Saltado shaken fries and it was delicious! The beef tongue was of very high quality and nice and thick/juicy.

Michelle Dela Cruz 4 days ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

The Vox's version of Lomo Saltado is soooo good! I get it with filet mignon because the tenderness of the beef is complimented by the crunchy fries and onions. This dish has the perfect marriage of both texture and flavors with the house green sauce adding that spicy kick to top it all off. This is just one of the things that you'll crave from Vox all the time.

Joddelacruz 8 days ago

House Garlic Noodle

We ordered both salmon and the prime rib with the house garlic noodle. The salmon was fried and flavored to perfection . My son loved the prime rib. They are really good pairing, simply good! We will really ordering again.

Jaygardner007 11 days ago

Bacon Brussel Sprouts

Brussels sprouts were good. Garlic noodles typical. I love mushroom and rib eye stir fry. My favorite.

Tonyshoubhhs 12 days ago

Bone-in Short Rib Soup (Galbitang)

What I like about Vox's Galbitang is that fact they don't skimp out on the portion and quality of their ingredients. The ribs' meat quality is good and Vox is the only restaurant I know of in LA that gives 2-3 bone-in ribs in their Galbitang. The short ribs' meat is falls off the bone tender. The broth is not as rich and burdensome as the typical Korean version; Vox's representation is a more mild, balanced, and mellow approach with the broth's texture being smooth, clean, and light but very flavorful. Scoop some pieces of ribs meat, onions, enoki mushrooms, glass noodles, and a spoonful of broth then put all that into your mouth in one bite and you'll have a wholesome party in your palate.

Shaylatran 18 days ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

The "Saltado" Shaken Fries is my go-to order. It is always consistent in its' serving, taste, and quality. Not only is it delicious and satisfies everyone's tastebuds, but it makes you want to order again.

Philong949 about 1 month ago

House Garlic Noodle

Very good fries but very expensive

Lisa about 1 month ago

Vox Pear Salad

The pear salad is amazing. So good.

A about 2 months ago

House Garlic Noodle

These are the most delicious Garlic Noodles I have ever tried! My boyfriend and I can never get enough. We come here on dates nights JUST for the noodles. He even requested them for his birthday, lol! This place is great and love the atmosphere.

Sara about 2 months ago

House Garlic Noodle

Actually, we have tried almost all of the dishes on the menu since 2017 and they all are soooo delish! They're all my favorite dishes, from brussel sprouts, pear salad, spicy wonton, garlic wings, house garlic noodles (shrimp, salmon, steak), lomo saltado & galbitang.... neither is disappointing. The wait is long when open but it's worth the wait. However, with a reservation ahead, it's no problem. Service is always impeccable, very quick and extremely friendly by efficient young men and women who remember everything you order without jotting them down! Azazing! Thank you Vox kitchen's owners and workers, we appreciate you all and hope you'll be in existence for a long time to come. Can't wait till the stay-at-home mandate is over!

Tylersforester about 2 months ago

Vox Pear Salad

This salad will change your life. Vox has balanced the flavors so well that you will be craving it for the rest of your life!

An about 2 months ago

House Garlic Noodle

Pretty good bro

Peffedu about 2 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

Their Saltado is one of the best I've had anywhere (including Peruvian restaurants). Highly recommend this and the garlic noodles. Vox Kitchen knows what it's doing

Darrennguyen301 about 2 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

This is by far my favorite dish here. The fries are crispy and the steak is amazing. The sauce that comes with it is also great. I definitely would recommend it.

Kindlehope66 about 2 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

Too good to be true!

Nancytuanh about 2 months ago

Prime Rib-Eye Steak (30 Oz.)

This is a go to dish when coming here with a group. The prime rib is always moist and tender. You can't go wrong with it!

Ahoang328 2 months ago

Bone-in Short Rib Soup (Galbitang)

My wife had this dish which she shared with me . It was so so delishious. I actually had my family there for dinner and I ordered doubled of everything on the menu. Will go back when quarantine is over !!

Sephirothken20 2 months ago

"Saltado" Shaken Fries (House Special)

love the saltado and now they even have beef tongue! yum!

Lexy 2 months ago

House Garlic Noodle

I love this garlic noodles. I usually get the filet mignon vs the rib eye. I can eat this everyday I love it !!!!!!!!!! Bring all your family and friends ♡

Nellyfaye5 2 months ago

Garlic Chicken Wings

These wings are absolutely AMAZING! This was my first time trying this place and now I need to have everything on the menu. LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!

Any4ref 2 months ago

House Garlic Noodle

The Vox Kitchen's Hosue Garlic Noodle is amazing! I usually order it with either mushroom or rib-eye steak. Both are incredibly delicious and I totally recommend everyone who has never been here before to try it. The green sauce that it comes with complements the dish really well, and even though the dish consists of only noodles, mushroom/steak, and the sauce, I always find myself craving it each week. I go to this restaurant so much now because the food is amazing for a good price!


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